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MegaCrop Mini Field Trial - Organic AgroNutritionals LLC
Organic Soil Conditioner, AgriDiatomSil Insecticide
P.O. Box 131387
Spring. Texas 77393

For Organic Agro Nutritionals LLC

Objective :

To assess the efficacy of the product ”MegaCrop” organic soil conditioner derived from Diatomaceous Earth.

 Preliminary Preparations :

  • Two 16 x 4 raised beds were prepared side by side.
  • Seeds were planted.
  • A thin layer of compost was applied on top of seeds.
  • Drip-fed water was turned on.

Results :

treated chart


The treated area had 87.0% of plants blooming vs. the untreated area with only 57.8% of plants blooming showing the impact of MegaCrop Organic Soil Conditioner.

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